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Get Rewarded with Gas Credit Cards

As the price of gasoline continues to increase, people who drive their own cars are faced with a big challenge – keeping up with fuel costs. Indeed, everyone needs to make lifestyle changes and adjustments to survive the recent economic crisis.

In this article, let’s consider how credit cards with gas reward programs can help car owners cut back from gasoline expenses. If you plan to apply for a gas reward or gas rebate credit card, what can you do to reap the benefits and avoid the risks?

Essential Gas Reward Card Features

Let’s take for instance the Discover® More® Card. This is a popular gas reward credit card that offers 5% to 20% cash back bonus on eligible purchases. The great thing about this gas reward credit card by Discover is that it gives points not only from gas purchases at selected stations but from other types of purchases as well. That means the cardholder can get points from items bought from your favorite grocery, online stores, and drug stores. Even utility bills and travel-related costs paid with your gas card can win you points.

The Discover® More® Card gives 1% cash back on general purchases, regardless of which shop or establishment the purchase was made. There is no limit to the value of cash rewards that the cardholder can earn, there is no annual fee and no blackout dates so you can be sure that you can redeem your rewards at anytime.

Nevertheless, this gas reward credit card by Discover is only recommended for people with excellent credit rating. If you have bad credit, you will need to work on raising your credit score first before qualifying for this gas credit card.

Before submitting you reward credit card application, spend some time evaluating the Terms and Conditions. Make sure that you can abide by the rules of your chosen credit card to enjoy the rewards. More importantly, see to it that you meet the credit card company’s credit requirements since most reward credit cards only accept applicants with good credit.

Refuel Your Car and Get Rewarded

There are credit cards that offer gas rewards which are sponsored by a specific gasoline company. If you want to get a sponsored gas rewards credit card, make sure that you frequently make your purchases from the same gasoline company. Otherwise, gas purchases made from non-participating stations may not get you points at all.

On the other hand, if you usually refuel your car from different gasoline stations, depending on where you are, you may choose to get a non-sponsored gas reward credit card. This way, you can be sure that collecting points is not just limited to specific gasoline stations and that you can also get points from general types of purchases.

Once approved for your chosen gas reward credit card, you can save more money by avoiding the interest rate fees and late penalty charges. How? Always submit your payments before your due date and pay off your full balance each month.


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