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Trading Integration
eSignal (including all of its versions -- Advanced GET Edition, Premier, Premier Plus, OnDemand, OnDemand - Forex and OnDemand - Mini Futures) lets you watch the market move -- right on your PC -- then plan your market strategy and make your decisions using eSignal's charting and technical analysis tools. And, when you're ready, you can make your trade orders directly from within eSignal with your choice of broker or trading service provider, even more than one simultaneously if you so choose. We're broker independent, providing flexibility and choice through our partnerships with respected online brokerages and trading service providers.

eSignal's Trade Manager: This feature of eSignal's Trading Integration includes a price column "ladder" for visualizing market liquidity at a glance, preset order defaults to easily determine in advance the parameters of an order for an entire asset class, plus an order ticket that handles any necessary changes.

Using the Trade Manager, you can more quickly and accurately gauge liquidity and visualize trade imbalances. Various order types allow you more flexibility than ever before in customizing a toolset to better accomplish your goals and execute your strategies. Once in a position, you are now able to manage it better, with the Trade Manager's unique Profit and Loss (P&L) gauge and powerful bracket trades.

Bracket trades give you even more control over your position management because they enable you to position closing orders in the market at the same time you open your position, eliminating the need for you to create and enter orders when your targets are met.

Money Management Planner: Another powerful addition is the Money Management Planner. This tool enables the active trader to set an unlimited number of pre-defined stop and profit targets that are automatically sent to your broker once a position is opened.

Chart Trading: This feature ties eSignal's Advanced Charting with the Trading Integration function, allowing the user to click an icon on a toolbar and then on the chart to place a buy or sell order. That order is then visible on the charts and can be adjusted by a simple drag-and-drop selection. Once an order is filled, a position line visible on the chart contains the necessary information about that order. Subsequent stop and limit orders can be set in the same way.
Paper Trading: The perfect complement to our back testing / strategy analyzer feature, our integrated paper trading allows you to trade any instrument, test out new trading strategies and minimize risk. With paper trading, you can monitor your account's performance to learn which transactions produced favorable results. The simulated trading is as real as you can get, and you can test it out at your convenience.

Once you're ready for live trading, the transition will be easy because the steps you follow to "practice" the trade are practically the same as those you use to place the actual trade. With paper trading, you can set up market, limit and stop orders and buy, sell or short your orders just as you would with a live account.

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